The War Against Chuck It

We did have one plush that lasted about a week – it was a blue Kong dog. But just as all the others before it met it’s fate and now sits in the dog toy graveyard. With all that, let’s dig in to the best puppy toys on Amazon.

Buy Now on AmazonFrom launchers to throwers to automated dispensers, there’s no shortage of ball throwing assistants on the market. We hope this list leads you and your pup to longer and more enjoyable games of fetch. This innovative, adjustable launcher can fit balls up to 3” in diameter, though the set itself includes six rubber balls that are 2.5” .

A classic Kong is great because of it’s durability and multiple uses. Out of all the dog toys we own the Kong has found the most use over the years. And they’re tough — after many years there’s a few slight signs of wear but nothing that’s punctured the material. So after going through hundreds of toys trying to pick our favorites there’s only 7 that made the list; these are the best indestructible dog toys you can buy. Laika has had these for years and they’re still in amazing shape. If your dog is a tough chewer I can’t recommend these enough.

If any of you have dogs who seem to love chewing on things like water bottles, this toy will be a big hit with them! The Crunch Stick comes in a smaller size called the Twig, so always be sure to purchase the appropriate size for your dog. There is something chuck it dog toys pure and simple about playing a game of fetch with plain old stick out in the backyard. Unfortunately, sticks can get sharp points or crack, which pose some pretty serious health concerns for your pup. That is where the Ruff Dawg Crunch Stick comes in.

  • Breathe Right Fetch Ball lets your dog’s nostrils and mouth inhale more air when they’re carrying it.
  • They encourage the two of you to spend fun time together.
  • The shapes, sizes, textures, colours and accessories will all enhance your rapport with your four legged friend.
  • Play, train, or simply enjoy a long walk and take a Chuckit dog toy along with you.
  • Navigating through the dog toy landscape can be a challenge, with cute stuffed animals and endless varieties of balls and frisbees all clamoring for your attention.
  • Chuckit Dog Toys make playing a fast and friendly game with your dog easy to do.

Ahead we have rounded up eight of the best stimulating and interactive dog toys to keep your pup entertained. However, most people enjoy using launchers outdoors.

The glow-in-the-dark feature also came in handy, helping users find the launcher and the balls in the dark. Reviewers were glad that this device allowed them to pick the ball without using their hands, keeping them mud and saliva free. It is easy to use, and with supervision, is safe enough for children to use as well. That will help you quickly figure out the best outdoor toys for your dog. To help dogs cool down, the toy releases water from small holes on the front for a refreshing drink. It is made out of thermoplastic rubber which provides a squishy, comforting chewing experience and is fabulous for teething canines. For starters, we like that unlike other balls of this size, this one has a grooved design that makes it much easier for you to throw and for your dog to bring back.

Just how to Care for Your Chuck It Dog Toy

Top Chuck It Dog Toys Tips!

Set-up is super easy and you can easily adjust the bar to the ideal height for your dog. With a bit of training and treats, your dog will be jumping like a pro in no time. The tool is designed as a way to interact and exercise with your dog versus leaving them to play independently. It encourages them to run, jump and pull in ways that burn major energy. The ball comes in four different sizes, and the company advises to select a size that’s bigger than what your dog can carry. Made of durable rubber, the ball bounces and squeaks, making for an extra fun game of fetch.

Two go right through the center so that your dog can breathe with the ball in his mouth. But it’s the other two holes that give the Whistler Ball its name. Interestingly, the ball is infused with mint oil. I noticed that this made the ball easier for our dogs to find, particularly when sniffing around for it in long grass. This is another dog toy made right here in the USA. As you expect from anything American-made, this ball oozes quality.

It’s made from a rugged material designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear. The Classic Chuckit Ball Launcher is a simple device that allows you to fling balls for your pet to chase. The launcher comes in several different sizes, from 2-inch balls to the large Sport 26L designs toss large balls farther. ChuckIt has been making dog toys since 1998 and has built up a trusted reputation.

It’s so nice to read reviews written by someone who actually tested the items. You’ve helped me decide on some new fetch balls for my furry family.

So now I get those on sale and supervise, so he doesn’t swallow. He just likes to disembowel squeakers, and amputate ears/tails on the toys. Then I can re-stuff and give it back to him to “disembowel” but without the stuffing going all over. We’ve lost a couple of the small squirrels but now can stuff the thing with other small-ish toys, and refresh the game. If your dog is in need of a tough chew toy I recommend the West Paw Hurley Bone.